Two Songs

by Bleeding Fractals

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released August 15, 2010




Bleeding Fractals Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: We Know This Song Sounds Just Like a Lana Avacada Song But We Promise It's Not
Stare, drenched, straight up into gray
Ignore the rush, slow your pace
'Cause we got nowhere else to be
Beaming like a kid in a mud puddle
Drop your bags, run, jump, hold tight and spin
You'll never touch the ground again
Soak in every drop and savor it
Wet shoes are a blessing today
Move closer, holding back, though we know what's coming
The suspense is like a drug
These drops on my face might as well be tears
Running into these filthy gutters
Track Name: The Spot
These boundaries are killing me
Take them down if only for the night
The warmth consumes me
Your silhouette set before the dim orange lights
Just lie and rest, detached from the noise
This one dark and quiet place, surrounded by chaos
Stare at the sky, count the planes
Confuse them with those few stars that shine through
Even this late, the heat leaves us drenched
But move closer, and don't you dare release this sweaty hand
A thousand feet will tread this grass
A thousand eyes will know this night
But this place will always be yours.
Stare at the sky
Count the planes
Confuse them with those few stars that shine through.